Recievers & Hitches-

These receivers provide the greatest flexibility in towing needs and strength requirements. Utilization of various slide-in towing devices such as Eckhart Dropdowns, Pintle hitches, or Equalizing type hitches make the Eckhart receiver type hitch an excellent choice.

The sad truth is, many of our competitors' bolt-on hitches fail. A LOT. We've seen enough accidents, mangled metal, and recall letters to prove it. Each year Eckhart removes many broken and under-rated or recalled hitches. Eckhart products are made and installed to fit your car, whether its got a chassis or unibody construction, using the best possible attachment points for maximum strength and a snug, inconspicuous fit. Indeed, Eckharts' Standard Hitch has remained virutally unchanged since Cal Eckhart created its enduring design just after World War II. No wonder Eckhart Hitches have set the standard for excellence for over half a century.

* Our Eckhart Receivers are built in various maximum load or weight range up to 15,000 lbs. maximum gross trailer weight (MGTW).

* Super strength and safety combined with a clean, unobtrusive under car design. An Eckhart Receiver looks good - it is precision built to fit your exact vehicle.

* Available for installation of most vehicles. Some vehicles do not lend themselves to "Receiver Type" installations whereby we recommend the Eckhart non-receiver or "regular" type hitch.

Eckhart Standard Hitches

Exclusively designed and handcrafted by Mr. Cal Eckhart in the forty's and fifty's. They have remained basically unchanged throughout generations; a standard of the industry for over 50 years. Unlike other hitches which are simply attached to the bumper. Eckhart hitches incorporate the best attachment points to maximize strength and fit the underside of your vehicle snugly and inconspicuously. They are pleasing to the eye and keep unsightly apperarance under your vehicle to a minimum. Here are other important features:

* Installed quickly

* Economical

* Height somewhat adjustable before installation

* Handcrafted, contoured, and tailored to your vehicle

* Eckhart standard hitches are built to various maximum load or weight ranges to 5,000 lbs. maximum gross trailer weight (MGTW).

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