A Few Words About Design, Quality and Safety

Eckhart products include design features unavailable in any other manufacturers product. As an example, one design and quality compromise inherent in other manufacturer's products is the failure to provide the three possible installation methods. Another is the compromise of weight, that is , it costs less to make them lighter! We have NEVER lightened up (down sized) our hitches to save on costs.

Many customers come to Eckharts because they know the product will stay on the vehicle and many of our customers have had bolt on hitch failures! They know, ECKHART hitches stay on! Simply put we do the best job possible, with every possible tool available.

Eckhart offers standard designs as well as custom special designs for Corvette's, Ferrari's, 4-Wheel Drives - including the four wheel drive Lamborghini, and Porsches. Eckharts provides custom solutions for all hybrid vehicles as well. Our extensive design experience enables us to provide you with the hitch of your needs. And all with the
HIDDEN LOOK™, a design look difficult to describe because it's a
"hide the hitch look". View The New Look

Most importantly Eckharts Trailer Hitch & Welding, Inc. views trailer towing as a serious business.


Happy towing!!
You'll be glad you chose Eckhart products.

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